Posted by: Robert Janssen | August 2, 2011

The “Avatar Grove” on Vancouver Island to be Protected!!

July 26, 2011

AVATAR GROVE Takes a Major Step Towards Protection…THANK YOU!

THANKS to your support, on Saturday the BC government declared that the Avatar Grove near Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island will not be logged and that they are currently planning to designate it as an “Old-Growth Management Area” that prohibits logging.

See our media release at

See the “Globe and Mail” at

See CBC at

Just one year ago the Avatar Grove was strewn with flagging tape for logging but today –THANKS to thousands of supporters like you – we are getting significantly closer to protecting the Avatar Grove. To ensure its long term protection will still require an additional legislated designation, such as a provincial conservancy or park.

But let’s also remember that this is fundamentally a campaign to end logging of all endangered old-growth forests in BC, because so little remains, particularly in southern BC.

So here are 3 things YOU can do to right now to help the campaign move forward:

1. VISIT the Avatar Grove, bring friends and family, and SPEND YOUR TOURIST DOLLARS in PORT RENFREW and SOOKE. Let local business owners see the benefits of taking a stance in favour of protecting ancient forests, as the local Port Renfrew Chamber of Commerce has done. Be sure to visit the Chamber’s new Tourist Info Centre on the right side of the road as you enter Port Renfrew and buy an Avatar Grove T-Shirt and postcard! Driving directions at:

2. WRITE a letter to the BC government to protect our last ancient forests and forestry jobs. See

3. DONATE to the Ancient Forest Alliance so we can bring our campaign to a Victory! We are in great need of funding – more than ever.  Donate securely online at:

ALSO do you know other eco-enthusiasts? Can you RECRUIT one additional donor for us, by asking a sympathetic family member or friend? We can double our support if you do this! 

THANK YOU for helping us move this campaign forward at a breakneck speed to protect one of the most spectacular groves of ancient forests in this province – future generations will be ever grateful for your actions.

For the Wild,

Ken Wu, TJ Watt, Hannah Carpendale – Ancient Forest Alliance


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