Posted by: Robert Janssen | April 24, 2012

STUDENT OPPORTUNITY: “Want to be a climate leader?”

Are you passionate about changing the conversation about the climate crisis? Are you interested in leading the climate movement?

What if I said you have the chance to be personally trained by Al Gore to educate others about climate change?

This summer, you could have that chance. I’d like to invite you to apply to be one of our esteemed Climate Reality Presenters — impassioned volunteer leaders who bring the reality of climate change to people around the world. We call our grassroots network of Presenters the heart of our Climate Leadership Corps.

Learn more:

As we saw on Earth Day, a powerful grassroots movement is building all over the world to solve the climate crisis. This movement is growing louder and stronger every day. But you know as well as anyone that to solve this crisis we need to take action every day — not just once a year.

That’s why we’re expanding our Climate Leadership Corps — a network of over 3,500 Presenters who have been personally trained by Al Gore to deliver presentations about the climate crisis. Our Presenters work to educate their communities to call for our leaders to act now — working in town halls, community centers, schools, and places of worship, just to name a few.

Becoming a Presenter is a serious and incredibly rewarding commitment. It means you will speak in public forums to inform people about climate change and work with them to take action.

If you are excited and ready to take on the challenge, I invite you to apply now to join our Climate Leadership Corps. We’ll invite our most promising candidates to a training this August in Northern California with our Chairman, Al Gore.

Join our Climate Leadership Corps. Fill out our application to be a Climate Reality Presenter today.

Please keep in mind that to take on this important leadership opportunity, you need to be comfortable speaking in front of an audience. You’ll also need to make a time commitment to deliver several presentations in a year.

Apply now to help make a real and valuable difference in solving the climate crisis. Join our Climate Leadership Corps and become a Presenter today.

Thank you,
Maggie L. Fox President and CEO The Climate Reality Project


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