Posted by: Robert Janssen | December 6, 2012 “Stop selling out Canadian democracy”

Harper is about to sign a crazy deal with China that would set up secret courts where China’s companies can sue Canada if we pass laws to protect our health and environment that affect their profits.

But Harper’s been thrown by the growing public opposition to his plan — even among conservatives — and we actually have a chance to kill this disaster. He’s already delayed signing the deal, and if we can crank up the pressure we can force him to back down.

We need to show just how many people oppose this thing if we’re going to win. Join the campaign now and share this to everyone you know — we’ll take our voices to Ottawa with a message Harper can’t ignore.

“We call upon you to reject the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act with China. This deal would damage Canada’s sovereignty and lock us into an unfair deal that would allow China’s companies to seek damages for laws designed to protect Canadians’ health, environment and more. This is not the deal that we want, or the deal that Canada needs.”


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