Posted by: Robert Janssen | December 2, 2015

Discovery Channel: “Racing Extinction”

Highly recommended if you care about our one and only home… planet Earth: “Racing Extinction”. Encore presentations on the Discovery Channel (Canada)…

  • Sunday December 6th, 2015, 3:00-5:00pm PST
  • Monday January 1st, 2016, 12:00-2:00am PST

“Mass animal extinction. Global climate change. The problems are overwhelming. But the solution can start with you. It starts with one thing. One thing that changes the way you live, eat, act, drive, work. Learn here what you can do and then share your one thing. A movement can be born when hope is ignited.”

#RacingExtinction, #StartWith1Thing

In the news: ‘Racing Extinction’ Catches 11.5M Viewers For Discovery (December 2015)…

“Discovery’s U.S. TV premiere of the feature documentary Racing Extinction drew 11.5 million total viewers in Live+3, the network said today. The December 2 primetime showing of Louie Psihoyos’ follow-up to his Oscar winner The Cove averaged 2.55M total viewers and 1.18 million in the 25-54 demo.”

“Discovery said that makes it the most watched cable documentary film premiere in more than three years. U.S. encore airings over the weekend were seen by 6.6M viewers.”



  1. Wow! A” weapon of mass construction” is what we need.
    we can’t run from what is happening.

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