Posted by: Robert Janssen | March 14, 2016

Unexplained Physics: “The Hutchison Effect”

John Hutchison’s is an inventor who’s life changed drastically in 1979 when, upon starting up an array of high-voltage equipment, felt something hit his shoulder — a piece of metal. He threw the piece of metal back to where it seemed to have originated, and it hit him again. When his Tesla coils, electrostatic generator, and other equipment created a complex electromagnetic field, heavy pieces of metal levitated and shot toward the ceiling, and some pieces shredded. Upon analysis and thorough investigation, the Canadian Government dubbed this phenomenon the “Hutchison-Effect”. John’s work has been classified as a matter of national security by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)… see below.


For more information on this and related phenomena, please go to the following websites…

John Hutchinson’s website

Lt. Col. Tom Bearden’s (Ph.D., retired) website

Dr. Steven M. Greer’s (M.D.) website

Dr. Boyd Bushman (Youtube video)


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