Unit 01 – Introduction

converting within the metric system (video)

measuring scales (animation)

significant figures (video)

more on significant figures (video)

multiplying and dividing significant figures (video)

adding and subtracting significant figures (video)

Unit 02 – Physical Properties

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Phases (video)

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Atoms and Molecules (video)

Unit 03 – Inorganic Nomenclature

inorganic nomenclature (part 1) (video)

inorganic nomenclature (part 2) (video)

Unit 04 – Mole Concept

the mole and avogadro’s number (video)

molecular and empirical formulas (video)

Unit 05 – Chemical Reactions

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Chemical Reactions (video)

balancing chemical equations (video)

Unit 06 – Stoichiometry

stoichiometry (video)

limiting reagent (video)

Unit 07 – Atoms and the Periodic Table

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Atoms (video)

introduction to the atom (video)

orbitals (video)

more on orbitals and electron configuration (video)

electron configurations (1) (video)

electron configurations (2) (video)

valence electrons (video)

periodic table (animation)

periodic table trends (ionization energy) (video)

periodic table trends (other) (video)

ionic, covalent and metallic bonds (video)

ionic versus covalent bonding (animation)

van der waal’s forces (video)

polarity of molecules (animation)

groups of the periodic table (video)

Unit 08 – Solution Chemistry

water (animation) — really good!!

solutions and conductivity (animation)

how to make a solution (animation)

Unit 09 – Organic Chemistry


introduction to IUPAC nomenclature (video)

straight chain alkanes (video)

branched chain alkanes (video)

branched substituents isopropyl tert butyl isobutyl and more (video)

naming cyclo-alkanes and bi-cycloalkanes (video)

alkyl halides (video)


alkenes (video)


alkynes (video)

Other Functional Groups

alcohols (video)

ethers (video)

aldehydes (video)

ketones (video)

esters (video)

carboxylic acids (video)

amines (video)

amides (video)

aromatic compounds (video)

functional groups – how to understand and memorize (video)


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