Unit 01 – Reaction Kinetics

introduction to chemical kinetics (video)

rates of reaction (video)

collision theory and reactions – part 1 (video)

collision theory and reactions – part 2 (video)

activation energy (animation)

orientation of collisions (animation)

factors affecting chemical kinetics – iodine clock reaction (simulation)

Unit 02 – Chemical Equilibrium

Introduction to Equilibrium

dynamic equilibrium (video)

reactions in equilibrium (video)

chemical equilibrium (animation)

Le Chatelier’s Principle

le chatelier’s principle (video)

le chatelier’s principle (animation)

the haber process for the production of ammonia (video)

Unit 03 – Solubility Equilibrium

Introduction to Solubility

 solubility (video)

molecular view of solution formation (animation)

predicting the formation of a solid (animation)

Supplement: Solubility and Nature

National Geographic: Into the Lost Crystal Caves (video)

Bill Nye Discusses Hydrothermal Vents (video)

Unit 04 – Acid Base Equilibria

Introduction to Acids and Bases

acid base introduction (video)

strong and weak acid ionization (animation)

strong and weak base ionization (animation)

Conjugate Acids and Bases

conjugate acids and bases (video)

pH Scale

introduction to pH, pOH and pKw (video)

pH scale (animation)

pH and pOH of strong acids and bases (video)

pH of a weak acid (video)

pH of a weak base (video)

pKa and pKb relationship (video)


acid-base titration (video)

titration demonstration (video)

strong acid titration (video)

weak acid titration (video)

acid-base titration (animation)


buffers (video)

buffers (animation)

Acid-Base Applications

acid rain (video)

hard water and soft water (video)

hard water softening (video)

Supplement: Ocean Acidification

NRDC: Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification (video)

Unit 05 – Electrochemistry

Introduction to Electrochemistry

introduction to oxidation states (video)

more on oxidation states (video)

redox reactions (video)

electrochemical (galvanic) cells (video)

Electrochemical Reactions

electrochemical cell (01) (animation)

electrochemical cell (02) (animation)

electrochemical cell (03) (animation)

electrochemical cell (04 (animation)

electrochemical cell (05) (animation)

electrochemical cell (06 (animation)

Applications of Electrochemical Reactions

corrosion (video)

corrosion prevention and treatment (video)

hydrogen fuel-cell technology (video)

hydrogen fuel cells and the electrolysis of water (video)

Electrolytic Reactions

electrolysis (1) (video)

electrolysis (2) (video)

electrolysis of molten compounds (video)

Extension to Electrochemical and Electrolytic Reactions

splitting water using resonance frequency (other than electrolysis) (video) — huge implications for reducing energy input when creating hydrogen for hydrogen fuel cell cars


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