Geology 12

Unit 01 Introduction to Geology

Introduction to Geology

introduction to geology (video)

The Universe

journey to the edge of the universe (HD video)

scale of the universe (video)

Solar System and Earth Formation

formation of the solar system – nebular hypothesis (animation)

what was the young earth like? (video)

earth and the early atmosphere (video)

Unit 02 Earth Materials (Minerals and Rocks)

Atoms and Minerals

basic atomic structure (video)

minerals (video)

identifying minerals (video)

Mineral Identification

physical properties of minerals – hardness (video)

physical properties of minerals – cleavage and fracture (video)

physical properties of minerals – colour, lustre, streak (video)

Igneous Rocks

igneous rocks (video)

silicate structures (video)

bowen’s reaction series (video)

igneous rock identification (video)

igneous textures (video)

intrusive igneous rock textures (video)

extrusive igneous rock textures (video)

igneous features (animation)

Sedimentary Rocks

sedimentary rocks (video)

sedimentary rock structures (video)

chemical and organic rock identification (video)

clastic rocks identification (video)

Metamorphic Rocks

metamorphic rocks (video)

Unit 03 Internal Processes

Plate Tectonics

structure of the earth (video)

plate tectonics – evidence of plate movement (video)

seafloor divergence and convergence (animation)

plate tectonics – geological features of divergent plate boundaries (video)

plate tectonics – geological features of convergent plate boundaries (video)

convergent margin (animation)

plates moving due to convection in mantle (video)

hawaiian islands formation (video)

pangaea (video)

pangaea (animation)

Earthquakes and Earth’s Interior

seismic waves (video)

seismograph (animation)

P and S waves (animation)

refraction of seismic waves (video)

why s-waves only travel in solids (video)

the mohorovicic seismic discontinuity (video)

compositional and mechanical layers of thee earth (video)

how we know about the earth’s core (video)

Structural Geology

structural geology 1 (video) – stress

structural geology 2 (video) – folding

structural geology 3 (video) – faulting

structural geology 4 (video) – mountains

faulting (animation)

folding (animation)

folds, dip and strike (video)

BBC planet earth – mountains (HD video)

Unit 04 Surface Processes


physical / mechanical weathering (video)

chemical weathering (video)


soils introduction (video)

soil types (video)

Running Water

streams – flooding and floodplains (video)

stream features (video)

stream discharge, gradient and sediment load (video)

running water and sediment transport (animation)

stream processes (animation)

Ground Water

groundwater introduction (video)

groundwater terminology (video)

groundwater contamination and subsidence (video)

groundwater flow (video)

groundwater and wells (video)

karst topography (video)


glacial ice formation (video)

glacial erosion and transportation processes (video)

glacial deposition features (video)

landforms formed by glacial erosion (video)

glacial advance (animation)

valley glacier (animation)


wind erosion and deposition (video)

desert landforms (video)

BBC planet earth – deserts (HD video)

Mass Wasting

mass wasting 1 (animation)

mass wasting 2 (animation)

Oceans and Coastlines

ocean waves and erosion (video)

waves and longshore drift (video)

longshore drift (animation)


types of volcanoes (video)

volcanic activity and tectonic setting (animation)

factors affecting volcanic eruptions (video)

volcanic hazards (video)

surface landforms associated with volcanic activity (video)

Unit 05 Earth Resources

Energy Resources

under construction…

Metallic Resources

under construction…

Non-Metallic Resources

under construction…

Unit 06 Time and Geology

Relative Age Dating

relative dating of rock layers (video)

relative dating (animation)

angular, non and disconformity (animation)

Geologic Time Scale

introduction to the geologic time scale (video)

Absolute Age Dating

absolute dating (video)

Global Geological History

position of continents since 600 million YBP (animation)

Unit 07 Comparative Planetology

The Solar System

how did the earth and solar system form? (video)

Geological Features Found in the Solar System

planetary geology, part 1 (video)

planetary geology, part 2 (video)

— Other Interesting Resources —

3D geological models using Minecraft


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