For those of you interested in the hobby of model railroading, I developed this page to highlight…

  • model railroad outlets located in British Columbia and elsewhere
  • scenic railroading in British Columbia
  • a few hobby tips I have discovered
  • some personal projects
  • and some odds and ends



Lower Mainland Outlets

Central Hobbies (Vancouver, B.C.)

Pacific Western Rail Systems (Surrey, B.C.)

Other Outlets

Kelly’s Kaboose (Kamloops, B.C.)

BC Shaver Shop (Victoria, B.C.)

Custom Detailing and Weathering

Delano Mountain Custom Models (Reading, Pa., USA) — note Jim Rinker has suspended taking on new clients for now

Here are three CP ES44AC’s I had sound installed, custom weathered, detailed and also had the lighting improved…

BC Prototype Photos (Highly Recommended)

Fleandca’s Flickr Photostream


Spline Roadbed

Laying Flex Track on Curves

Track Clinic

Track Laying Tips

Soldering Track (note… audio isn’t the best)

Brake Systems


How to Make a Realistic Parking lot Base

Scratch Building Bridge Piers

LED Strip Lights and Layout Lighting

LED lighting and Model Railroading

Associations and Clubs

Greater Vancouver Train Gang (Greater Vancouver)

British Columbia Society of Model Engineers (Burnaby)

Mainland Modular Railway Society (Greater Vancouver)

Chilliwack Model Railway Club (Chilliwack)

Delta Model Railway Club (Delta)

Paradise Park Forestry Railroad (Powell River)

Victoria Model Railway Club (Victoria)

Salmon Arm Model Railroad Association (Salmon Arm)

 Golden City Model Railway Engineers (Rossland, Trail, Fruitvale, Montrose and Castlegar)

 Victoria Model Railway Club (Victoria)

 NMRA Canada

Shelf Layouts

Lance Mindheim’s Shelf Layout Blog

Canadian Layouts

Rich Loveman’s CN and CPR in the Thompson River Layout (HO scale)

More photos of Rich Loveman’s Layout (HO Scale)

An Aussie Thompson River Layout (N Scale)

GasGasSteve’s CN Thompson River Layout (N scale)

BC Rail Fort St. John Subdivision (N scale)

John Marlor’s Canadian Pacific (HO scale)

CP Rail Manitoba & Minnesota Subdivision (HO scale)

Dick Hawkshaw’s the Inlander (HO Scale)


Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine

Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine (YouTube)

Model Railroader Magazine

Railroad Model Craftsman Magazine


The Canadian Pacific Railway – Jim James and Damn Shames

Train Shows!!

Western Rails 2016 (Burnaby, B.C., Sunday March 20th, 2016, 9am-4pm)

Recommended Model Railroad Manufacturers






 North American Railcar Corporation

 Rapido Trains Inc.

 Tangent Models


Personal Layout Design with SketchUp

Check out a few screen shots of the layout I designed for myself back in 2010-2011 using SketchUp.

The room itself is approximately 12′ 6″ x 12′ 6″. Three walls have three permanent shelves while the side of the room where doors are have removable shelves which are attached to the wall via a small bracket when being used. I use the top shelf for storage while the bottom two are for the layout.

Track is all HO scale code 83. The minimum radius is 32″. Switches are mostly Walthers #6 left and right (one #7 1/2 curved and one #8 curved).

The upper shelf is on foam insulation to allow for topography while the bottom shelf is on risers to allow for canyon like scenery (see the top photos and videos of White Canyon) — scenery both above and below track level).

In case you are wondering, I have also designed a single hidden track that connects the middle level to the lower level to facilitate running trains on both levels or from one level to the other if I so choose to. It takes one complete circle around the room to get all the way down from one level to the other. Had the levels been separated any more than they were it would have been next to impossible to have this feature at all.

The maximum grade on the layout is 4% across the removable shelves (coloured) and about 2% the rest of the way down the descending track that connects the two levels. And yes, it is a bit steep but I had no choice considering the dimensions of the room and the fact that the descending track had to clear the entrance to the permanent part of the descending loop (bit hard to see, but it is the black opening in the second photo below on the brown coloured lift out section).

All in all the room is being used to the fullest extent yet is still usable as a spare room if need be.

model railroad - 2 decks final version 01

model railroad - 2 decks final version 02

model railroad - 2 decks final version 03

Middle Shelf Track Plan…

model railroad track plan - upper level 03 - FINAL

Lower Shelf Track Plan…

model railroad track plan - lower level 08 FINAL

Personal Project(s)

Check out the deck girder bridge I designed for my layout using SketchUp. So far I have constructed the roadbed that leads up to the abutments, I have built the piers (3D printed mould/cast), and now I’m making the abutments themselves. The bridge will consist of 5 deck girder bridges by ExactRail. The bridge is going to be modeled loosely after various railway bridges seen on the Thompson River in British Columbia between Ashcroft and Spences Bridge.

deck girder bridge

bridge pier

bridge pier - 3d printed model

Interested in purchasing a 3D printed pier shown above? Click on the following link for more information.

bridge abutment

bridge abutment - plaster casting

The next item to go on the website will be the abutment once I iron out the kinks in the 3D model.

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