First of all, let me just state that this is NOT an official Vancouver School Board website and all information contained within this website should be viewed with this in mind.

With respect to some of my posts appearing to be political in nature, some may argue that these posts have no place on an educational web site such as this. For those people I would say you are wrong. Why? My argument is as follows: To have a healthy democracy one needs to have an informed citizenry. With out an informed citizenry how can one be expected to vote for an appropriate political candidate that will represent the voter effectively? My argument is that they cannot.

Much of what I post on this blog is of extreme importance to British Columbian’s and their well-being, but will also be of interest to people globally. Many issues are of grave concern and in my opinion must be made available to those who would not normally follow such issues. Issues such as climate change, pollution, logging, ocean acidification, over fishing, nuclear contamination, food security, genetically modified foods, and alternative energy sources should be of importance to all people. So, if these issues are not to be placed in the context of a web site such as this, then where?

The young adults who read the contents of this web site are the future voters of this country, maybe I have helped the decision making process that often occurs before a voter votes? One can only hope.




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