Physics 11

Unit 01: Introduction to Math Concepts

Metric Unit Conversions

converting within the metric system (video)

Significant Figures

significant figures (video)

more on significant figures (video)

multiplying and dividing significant figures (video)

adding and subtracting significant figures (video)


basic trigonometry (1) (video)

basic trigonometry (2) (video)

Graphing Data

physics 11 – graphing

Unit 02: Kinematics in One Dimension

Displacement, Velocity and Time

introduction to vectors and scalars (video)

calculating average velocity or speed (video)

solving for time (video)


acceleration (video)

airbus a380 take-off time (video)

airbus a380 take-off distance (video)

why distance is area under velocity-time line (video)

Kinematics Formulas and Projectile Motion

average velocity for constant acceleration (video)

acceleration of aircraft carrier take-off (video)

deriving displacement as a function of time, acceleration and initial velocity (video)

plotting projectile displacement, acceleration and velocity (video)

projectile height given time (video)

deriving max projectile displacement given time (video)

impact velocity given height (video)

viewing g as the value of earth’s gravitational field near the surface (video)

Unit 03: Work, Power, Energy and Machines

Work and Energy

work and energy (1) (video)

work and energy (2) (video)

conservation of energy (video)

work-energy problem with friction (video)

Mechanical Advantage

mechanical advantage (1) (video)

mechanical advantage (2) (video)

mechanical advantage (3) (video)

Springs and Hooke’s Law

springs and hooke’s law (video)

potential energy stored in a spring (video)

Unit 04: Waves, Sound and Light

Waves, Sound and Light

amplitude, period, frequency and wavelength of periodic waves (video)

introduction to the doppler effect (video)

doppler effect formula when source moving away (video)

refraction and snell’s law (video)


total internal reflection (video)

virtual image (video)

parabolic mirrors and real images (video)

parabolic mirrors (2) (video)

convex parabolic mirrors (video)


convex lenses (video)

doppler effect formula for observed frequency (video)

concave lenses (video)

object image and focal distance relationship (video)

object image height and distance relationship (video)

Unit 05: Nuclear Physics

nuclear physics (1) (video)

nuclear physics (2) (video)

nuclear physics (3) (video)

nuclear physics (4) (video)

nuclear physics (5) (video)

nuclear physics (6) (video)

nuclear physics (7) (video)

nuclear physics (8) (video)

nuclear physics (9) (video)

nuclear physics (10) (video)

Unit 06: Special Relativity

The Elegant Universe 1 of 3: Einstein’s Dream (video)

The Elegant Universe 2 of 3: Strings The Thing (video)

The Elegant Universe 3 of 3: Welcome To The 11th Dimension (video)

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